The world is in danger (not a hidden news anymore) – The true side of Fukushima!

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We all know and are aware of the radiations after the Americans first struck Japan with Nuclear weapons! But, then there’re several facts which people need to know and it was not reported by the media until Fox news came up with this report and thanks to the news which reported about the growing radiation level in Fukushima!


But it’s the truth and for this information you need to be thankful to the Fox news which reported on this news lately and this has been growing up for more than 5 years after the earthquake struck Japan.

As for the news when it comes to life and death and especially with suffering is the most awakening and horrible one! But, after the Fox news- the ENE News has also come up with an update about showing- how, Fukushima is responsible for poisoning the atmosphere and the surrounding conditions!

It’s not just now- but it’s been 6 years and maybe even before that but I don’t get it- why is everyone silent on such a serious issue?

Is it going to be that- when someone dies or suffers or a telecast is been made by an International News media- it’s going to be taken seriously!

There’s a report by ENE News stating that there’s been death of huge number of whales surrounding the Hawaii islands. Such a huge number of deaths of whales and in such he- I am not surprised!

You know why?

Because it’s a simple thing to understand why it is happening so, and why is that the animals are suffering in such a large number, there’sbeen a sarcasm all over the place and this is just the beginning I feel.

The reason-

As per the reports, this is to be blamed and the only name comes forward- Fukushima, because it’s basically understood that this radiation enters into the waters of our ocean and causes such a devastating condition where the animals are suffering due to the polluted oceans and polluted of not just waste but of nuclear waste!

After the outburst of such a news by the several news agencies and especially by the Fox news agency- it’s been taken quite seriously and the world is looking at the Fukushima and pointing towards it for the possible damage to the environment which is been seen today and this is going to be far more bitter in the near future if this is let to expand!

Based on the inputs and pressure on Washington, it has finally broken its silence and reported about this issue asking- “Could the radiation level be even higher? Possibly. The 530 Sievert reading was recorded some distance from the melted fuel, so in reality it could be 10 times higher than recorded” – said by Hideyuki Ban, so-director of Citizens’ Nuclear Information Centre.

10 times higher?

Is it true or just a joke?

Just imagines, it’s 10 times higher than the expected value and now- the future will be in a total disastrous state where the ocean is just a sample and such various conditions like the climate change can be seen.

Looking at such reports there’s been a widespread response by the global community on asking questions for such issues and the remedies which can be implied such that the threat of Fukushima can be avoided.

This is said to be the most devastating blow to the nature happening in the oceans and also to our food chain making most of the Americans clueless on how the situations are and also on the west Coast of America!

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