Are you troubled of being lazy with a restless mind? Know how to overcome it!

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I am tired of being lazy in many terms where I wish to achieve my dream but not able to do so because of the laziness which I’m developing in myself!

Not understanding what to do?

Never have I been like this, but now I’m finding myself lazier then anytime I had been!

Or else, it’s that I am being lazy all the time but I chase my dreams even in my dreams and hope to achieve it!

Are all these questions which you’ve been developing in your mind- these are the same questions which I’ve been developing them too but not able to understand any path to achieve them!

It’s a war waging inside my head for which I am unable to resist it, this was which I used to feel when I was the same as you, but what did I do to overcome it?

I just had to do the following things and the following things went on coming to me-

  • Struggle’s real and the focus was fleeting-

There was a lot which I had to overcome when I had a lazy attitude and a restless mind where the body of mine had become so lazy that my brain couldn’t handle with it- I had become a lazy dumb with lots of ideas and thinking’s going on in my mind. But then it was a war waging inside me which at any cost had to be fought and the struggle which I had to do was in real but my focus had devastated along with my laziness. I had to fight hard against it and I did so!

  • Another fight is of criticism

I’m lazy, ok fine!

But do my parents consider it or does my wife consider it?

For instance- I am a writer and I am a lazy guy, do my parents or my closed one’s ever trust me that I would continue with the same work?

I’ve experienced it when my dad used to shout at me when I used to keep writing or go out to play football- he used to say, you’re worth of nothing and you’ll never succeed in your life if you do with the things- the same way as you’re doing right now!

It was that I had to face the criticism at my home and also outside due to which I had to fight, had a war daily with myself.

This was it, I had to fight and then I have to. It’s good for me that I keep fighting and then one day I may overcome my lazy attitude towards things which I had been showing.

  • The struggle is mine

I’m the sole owner of myself to say that I need someone else with me or inside me to fight with the laziness I have or persisting with. I need to sort it out alone and by myself which is only possible if I accept it that I have to fight it out irrespective of any consequences.
If I can’t then it will be a body which cannot do whatever it wishes to do. Should I be like such a shame?

Don’t I have the willpower to do it?

Don’t I have the strength where I can do it by myself and try to fulfil the dreams which I’ve been looking for years!

Try saying this within you and look for the inspiration you acquire by doing so. This inspiration is very must for your future growth and will help you fight against the unworthy laziness which is been persisting within you for a very long time!

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