Things which aren’t known to you about how they were discovered- Amazing discoveries which were done by NASA!

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We all know NASA which is situated in US for being one of the most famous and well-reputed organisations in the field of aerospace and this name isn’t just given because its situated in US but due to its achievements which it is been achieving an these achievementsare such that they can’t be ignored with any reason.

It’s been since 1976 that NASA is been working on such innovative inventions that has made these products known as spin-offs to be used in the daily life and also used widely for the commercial purposes. There’s a publication which is been officially released by the NASA and is known as Spinoff which has innovations of at least 50 every year and till know it’s been calculated to reach about 2000 such technologies responsible to improve the comfort level of the consumers.

It’s not just in one field but there’re numerous fields such as- public safety, medicine, health, computer technology, agriculture and so on in which innovative and consumable products are been developed by this organisation.

Here are some of the shortlisted innovative things which are been invented by the NASA which you didn’t even know that they were done by NASA-

  • Memory Foam-

NASA once hired an aeronautical engineer in 1960’s named- Charles Yost to improve the airline seat for crash and vibration protection and due to which lean to an innovation of such a product. This project was also based on to absorb energy so that to increase the chances of survival and due to which Yost created a memory cell- an open cell polymeric which consisted of excellent viscoelastic properties. These properties were responsible to absorb the high energies and provide a smooth cushion to the body. This lead to an innovation and was used in the public life too.

  • Invisible Braces

A type of transparent ceramics calledtranslucent polycrystalline alumina was developed by a combined venture of Ceradyne and NASA advanced ceramics researchhave come up with something called as a transparent ceramics. It has multiple applications such as in night vision, electro-optical field, and infrared heat-seeking devices for missile guidance systems. Later on- this transparent material was started to be used as invisible tooth braces and where this is been designed perfectly for every tooth and is connected by a thin metallic wire. They’re invisible but are also known to be as strong as a metal!

  • Space Blanket

These space blankets were first developed in 1964 by NASA’s Space Flight and for the purpose of US space program which reflects 97% of the radiated heat reducing body heat loss due to thermal radiation. It’s said to be consisting of thin metallic plastic coating and said to reflect the metallic agent and by which it’s known as metallized polyethylene terephthalate. They are very compact and can be carried folded as they are less in size before unfurling and due to which you may find them in many camping equipment.

  • Enriched Baby Formula

Don’t be surprised but NASA did discover something regarding babies too. It was a part of the test which it had partnered with Martin MariettaCorporation in which they decided to test for the use of some strains of microalgae for food supply, waste disposal and oxygen for long-duration space flight.

I didn’t really think at the beginning that this was the test which lead to such a formula.

When the scientist started studying on such an algae they discovered that these weren’t just useful for the people like astronauts but also were helpful for the people living down on earth and it could be taken as supplements.

Omega-3 fatty acids is one of the important supplement and is known to be found naturally in breast milk which the infants depend on- this is useful for the vision development as well as for the brain development in infants.

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