Sinking Vehicle- Uncommon, But this article might save your life one day!

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As per the recent reports by the Canadian researcher Gordon Giesbrecht- an estimation is been calculated on the number of people who die every year due to such incidents where the people are stuck inside the car and do the wrong thing as soon as its submerged in water. There’s a calculation of about 400 people in average who die due to such incidents.

At most of the times, people sink and they try to close their windows so that the water doesn’t penetrate inside the car- but you know it’s wrong!

Or even people try to reach out their cell phonesin order to call 9-1-1. It’s correct that you call this number for emergency but let me tell you- you don’t have enough time that the rescue team will come up and save you, so you’re the one who’s responsible to save yourself!

It seems funny that how’s it possible to get out of the car while it’s sinking- so, people try to open up the doors in order o get out of the sinking car. But, is it possible to open up the doors while it’s sinking?

Gordon Girsbrect is a researcher who says- you’ve got just 30 to 60 seconds to get out of the sinking car and that’s not too complicated but merely too easy!

You need to just take care that you don’t do the wrong thing as you’ve got just a few seconds left with you to come out of the car.

GeoffFahringer who’s an expert diver and is involved in the rescue operations says that it’s too difficult to get out of such conditions and especially when the car is sinking- people get panic and try doing some things which shouldn’t be done!

He also demonstrates on how it can be done easily to get out of the car within 30 seconds of time. It’s because you need to make sure that you come out of the car before the car sinks completely and in such a condition, people do get tensed which causes the failure to get out of the car.

When the car is at least half inside the water- it’s practically impossible to open up the door as the pressure of water doesn’t allow it to do so!

So, what’s the alternative opinion provided by GeoffFahringer?

As he demonstrated it- it’s pretty simple but the most dangerous thing in this complete incident is your fear and the fear will surely kill you if you don’t react properly.

But then it’s common that any common man will get fear whens she/he sinks and is under water with no experience for the first time. But, this wrong thing has taken the life of 400 people every year and so it’s still going on. Need to avoid it, right?

And hence it’s necessary for you that you learn on how to get out of a sinking vehicle before itstoo late and this might help save your life without getting into a state of panic!

There’re two ways to do it-

  • Open the window

Make sure that as soon as you’re about to sink – you open up the window and keep. Now when you’re into the water and water is rushing heavily inside, get out of the front seat window immediately within 30 seconds or else you won’t get another chance of getting out.

  • Break the window

At times when the window is stuck and is not opening up- don’t worry, you’ve got another option to do by breaking it with the help of a special gadget which by only by holding it on the window will break it and there’s no requirement to use force on it. So, now get out of the window as soon as possible! Make sure that you always keep it with you in your vehicle- it will help you at the times of emergency.

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