A rare case in Brazil where a baby is born with amniotic sac and this is known to be the rarest phenomenon happening to anyone

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Have you ever known about an En-caul birth?

This type of birth is rare and is known not to be found regularly in any of the cases. So, don’t be tensed- it’s nothing big and even if it is, it will not come to you.

At first, I would like to make clear to you about this because most of the people are just scared upon seeing the baby in such a condition. There’s nothing harm in that but the only little problem is that the baby is still in the amniotic sac and with all the fluid filled inside.

So, not to worry and not a big deal as it’s a natural problem. Even in the past people could see giving birth with amniotic bags and this wasn’t something of big deal to them.

They used to just cut the bag and then remove the baby slowly out of it.

  • The birth of Baby at the Hospital

This has gone viral in Brazil when a nurse took a video while giving birth to baby

When the doctors of Santa Casa de Misericordia de Barretos hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil found that the baby was still in the amniotic sac drew them to a matter of concern and later which they decided to perform a C-section after the baby was born and was known to be still in the amniotic sac- what could be worse!

But it’s not a matter of concern because the doctors could easily manage to perform a C-section. It was unusual because in most of the cases the baby is born without the sac surrounding it as it gets destroyed before it’s born and here- it was that the baby was born just inside it!

  • The doctors try breaking it and see what comes out-

Here, when the doctors remove the baby out of the uterus and later see that the baby is still in the amniotic sac, so what they do is they place it on the mother’s womb and then really enjoy the experience because they believe that such a experience every doctor should have at least once in their profession. So, one of the doctors try breaking the sac and what comes out is the fluid which usually breaks inside the womb of the mother but here is something which we see an opposite one!

  • It’s not something new!

You must be amazed as thinking about this case as it’s something unusual but believe me it’s not the first time which has happened but happens once a while and is very rare to be seen at least in every 80,000 deliveries. In early days also, when a baby was born in such a sac then it was known to be a good omen!

  • Any trouble to the baby?

We can’t imagine how worse it is for someone to see a baby of own in such a situation and thinking about what would happen to their baby- would it be a normal one or a complicated delivery as when they come to know about such a situation. There’s a reason why I am saying this because-  some doctors believe the baby to be abnormal and that’s because the baby was grimacing inside the sac and the baby was trying to open its mouth to cry but then even his placenta was not attached to the uterus wall and which shows that placenta isn’t working!

All such predictions were made by a lot of doctors but look at what the doctor has to say who’s a specialist in such situations, stated that- All such assumptions are wrong and that the birth of this baby is completely normal and healthy.

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