Khoudia Diop, a Senegalese Model who’s known for having the Darkest colour but is famous on all over Globe in the field of Beauty!

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Beauty is something which is been admired and especially in this modern world when everything is well connected then it doesn’t be so tuff for anyone to know about anything happening in any part of the world. This is because the world of beauty just gave ahats off to this woman who’s a Senegalese model named- ‘Khoudia Diop’ know by everyone as “Melanin Goddess” and why is it so?

It’s because of the amazing and attracting colour which she had and is in incredible black tone!

Stunned, right?

Even I was.

But there’re something more which you should know as she’s the only one of her kind having such a unique and prestigious dark colour.

Tell me how many of you have such a colour?

Maybe none of us have such a thing on the skin or maybe it’s her luck to have such an amazingcolour which is bringing such a fame to her nowadays!

  • She was campaigned in the colour girl campaign and through which she has become the role model for many other girls

The colour girl campaign which is known to celebrate the women of colour and that it’s known to beak in the belief of many showing that the light colour is more attractive than the dark colour. It organises such an event and in one such event this Senegalese model was also a part and though which this model earned a lot of respect for where in the photo-shoot in which she stands between girls and it looks like she’s the darkest among all. But, I need to say she looks beautiful even though having such a dark colour!

  • Khoudia refused the proposal to bleach her skin

What a confident and positive attitude, I must say looking at her confidence towards the ability to participate in contests and also being an example to girls who have dark colour but to show up in lighter colours- try bleaching themselves and this girl with a colour of charcoal has refused to do so which shows that even a girl with dark colour can do wonders in the beauty industry!

  • Khoudia has experienced a lot of bullying in past

It’s common that when people see something which they haven’t then they try bullying you by keeping names or even try making fun out of you and this is the same thing which happened to her when she was small and growing up!

But then she didn’t care- In fact she admired her colour and never felt bad about it and then recently when she posted some of her photographs on the Instagram- it’s just amazing and shows that how well she admires her colour. Maybe, even we face such problems but need to face them because remember- People only say when we’re moving up and our work is to just keep moving up- Don’t look at the people who talk, it’s their mouth and the same Khoudia did!

  • She’s been active on Facebook and instagram and due to which receives thousands and lakhs of fan followers-

It’s known to many of us that Facebook and Instagram has becoming a tool to people to showcase their talents and other specializations where they gain popularity and also this skill of theirs helps further grow into a profession. Isn’t it great?

Yes, and the same is Khoudia up to here. She has about 105 thousand of followers and who admire for her unique skin and also for the natural beauty. She’s been handling as @melanin.goddess on Instagram and also she has got some nicknames such as Darky, Mother of Stars and also Daughter of night which she loves and has embraced!

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