Do you keep your cell phone under your pillows? Then know whether it is really dangerous on keeping so!

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We all know and hear from people saying that there’s a deep connection between the brain and cellular network which effects our brain!

Is it really true?

Or just it’s a fake?

You must’ve experienced many a times- while you’re on bed and the phone is just below your pillow- the next day you feel a little different, sent you?

There’re various things which you need to know and then this story is known as one of the best known stories which will enlighten you with various facts which should be known and understood by you so that you don’t commit the same mistake in the near future.

I’ve seen live examples where the people have suffered due to certain things such as mobile or tower radiations and these radiations have caused people to suffer for years.

  • CBS story

People are nowadays largely attached to their electronic goods and mostly t their cell phones. It’sgood that they make the best use of this cell phones but the worst part is that by overusing them i.e. at nights and sleeping along with their cell phonesplaced below their pillows causes an adverse effect on their brain and its due to the radiations which are emitted by these cell phones. This is something which is given by CBS and they say that it emits something called electromagnetic radiation and by keeping these phones nearby proves that you’ll be exposed to these radiations all night long!

So, do you really wish to be exposed to such radiations and get your brain damaged?

Instead you can do is- switch your mobile to airplane mode and then can use it or else switch it off and go to sleep. But many of you need to it to attend calls, so you can do is- keep it a few feet away from your bed and then go to sleep.

  • Said by

It stated that sleeping with a phone that is on is dangerous. It also added that- an alarming number of kids have a bad habit of sleeping with a mobile below their pillows and are said to be involved in texting their friends at mid-night.

  • Thailand Consumer Protection Group

In 2011, this group issued a public notice and urged not to sleep with mobiles as it may cause an adverse effect on your body.


Even I was, when I looked upon that a group in Thailand has also issued such a notice! But, by this we understand that it’s a matter of seriousness which should be looked upon.

Another UC Berkley’s school of Public health’s Joel Markowitz has states that the kids shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with cell phones and also ask them not to carry the cell phones in their pockets as it will cause a damage to their reproductive organs.

We have seen various examples and organisations which advice not to sleep with cell phones as it will cause a disastrous effects on the body. Maybe this is a matter of seriousness which we need to consider and start following it from right now!

Different ways to reduce avoid cell phone radiations-

  • Before going to bed, make sure that you keep your phone several feet away from your bed and then go to bed. Don’t sleep with your phone on bed!
  • Consider using speakers instead of talking directly in the phone!
  • You could also try out for Bluetooth connectors or headphones.
  • Prefer texting messages instead of talking.
  • Many of us use cell phones at night to keep alarms, so we have to place it near us but instead you can try out for keeping it in airplane mode so that the transmission system of the phone is set off!
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