Have You Ever Thought Of Any Medical Condition Which May Be Untrue? Let’s Find Out Some Of The Medical Condition Which People Don’t Believe!

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Human Body is truly amazing and where you can find a plenty of medical conditions depending on the deficiencies- the same unusual things which you see in some of the horror or amazing movies where the person is entitled to some of the horrible or awkward disorders and you may think at an instance- is this really true?

And at the second moment you feel- it may just be for the sake of movies and nothing from this might be true. But, you know something- this can be true and we may just don’t know, happened with me many a times!

These are some of the medical conditions which are real but may sound you unreal-

  • Dermatographia

This is a strange disorder which is related to the skin of the body and the welts appear on the skin when you scratch the skin.

These don’t stay for a long time but stay only for just half an hour and later which they disappear.

This condition is also known as skin writing and in which these remain apparently for about 30 minutes when scratched by the people on the skin. But for some- it’s disgusting as it may remain for days and it really makes them feel sick. This is due to the histamine released by the mast cells present on upper surface of skin.

It’s not just by scratching which can impose such a cause but also due to tight clothes, stress, pressure from external source and so on may serve some of the causesfor this problem.

  • Tinnitus

This condition relates to hearing where a person hears the ringing of bells or some other unclear voices in both or one side of the ears. This has a very adverse effect on the human brain as some people aren’t so comfortable with these voices and often get irritated. There are other voices too which can be heard apart from these and they are- music, unclear voices and so on. This may vary in pitch from person to person.

These are some of the reasons for this problem- ear infections, ear wax, brain tumours, induced hearing loss, heart disease or even maybe due to head injury!

The remedy for this disorder isn’t clear yet but t can be controlled by taking several talk therapies and other such medications. People suffering from this disorder are also advised to keep away from loud noise.

  • Body Integrity Identity Disorder

This is a strange psychological disorder in which the patient thinks that his own body art is not his/hers!

I felt it amazed upon knowing more about this- the people with such a disorder also tend to think that if they amputee that part of the body only then their body will be complete and at most of the times also try to amputee such a part of the body. You may be amazed upon knowing that they really do it and usually while removing such a healthy limb- they also damage some of the important parts of the body. There’s an example where a woman who became blind when she tried to remove her own eye as she thought that they were not hers!

  • Poland syndrome

It’s a birth defect in one’s body which can be observed at one side of the chest where a chest muscle is absent and due to which it affects that side of the chest. It’s said to be affected usually the right side of the body and the fingers of that side of the hand are said to be found webbed. There’re many such abnormalities which can be found in such people.

The proper treatment for such a syndrome is surgery and in which a custom made implant is inserted into the affected region!

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