The Cat Lovers Heaven on Earth- Know all about the popular Cat Island of Japan!

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Are you fond of cats?

If you are then there’s an interesting fact and a story to you about a small island which is located in Japan.

First of all, we’ll look over what’s interesting about this cat island. So, this cat island is basically situated beside the city of Ozo i.e. just 12 kilometres away and is called Aushima.

Aushima is a small island in Japan and the strength of this island is just 15!

Basically these 15 people who live on this island are retired and now share their living with cats whose number reaches up to 100.

Aren’t you surprised by this number?

Even I was, when I looked at the figures of residents and the cats living there. But, later I realized that maybe this was the reason for which the Island is named as Cat Island!

So, how did this grow popular?

Does it have any hotels or some attractive holiday destination place or something else?

In real- this island doesn’t have a single hotel or restaurant and not even a tourist destination place but all its known is for the cats which are seen there.

Yes, it’s true- tourists go there just to look for the cats and nothing else.

It wasn’t even popular for past many decades but until recently it has become a destination place for tourists and that’s just to watch the cats moving around in numbers as the people do in any other cities.

Let’s know a little history on how come the cats increased so rapidly!

It isn’t that the cats are seen in huge numbers from before but this story started from the time of World War2, when the people switched to relocate in this island from the war flung areas in Japan and so for this reason the people residing in different war flung areas came to this island with their pets and other belongings out of which the cats were most carried pets to this island.

In 1960, it was calculated to be about 655 people residing on this island- as per reports. But then how come there’re just 15 people residing in this Island?

It’s pretty interesting question!

But the people who were located on this island abandoned it leaving their pets and home behind to work in other places.

As a result the residents decreased and the pets increased!

Later, the cats multiplied resulting in furry families of cats on the streets.

The trouble-

There’s a trouble too for the residents living in Aushima because the people residing are of the age 50 to 80 and most of them retired. So, it becomes difficult for them If a sudden rise in tourists because if the tourists over-feed the cast then the people have to look over the cleanliness which would be difficult for people at such an age.

But even the people of Aushima are a little confused as the people are eager to visit the Cat Temple because there’s nothing in the island other than cat and this makes them feel surprised on what’s there to look at cats- are they a little different?

How to travel to Aushima

The only way to travel to this island is by using a shuttle which moves only once a day from Ozo to Aushima and then back.

It’s the only way to get in and out and there’s no other way to get to Aushima.

As the popularity of cat photos online is increasing rapidly- a lot of people have been messaging the City Council of Ozo to get the path to travel Aushima, which is also known as The Cat Lovers Heaven.

I totally don’t understand about why are the people so interested to travel all along to this place and just to see Cats!

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