Bishnoi- The Most Famous Hindu Sect Known To Follow The Principles Laid Down By Their Guru Jambeshwar!

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India is full of cultures and colours where every state has a different taste and colour of its own but all are united as one and bound under the world’s largest constitution. Bishnoi’s are one among such a cult which come under Hindus and have been known to live in areas of Rajasthan.

These people astonish others i.e. the foreigners when the people from outside know about their religious practises. As they come under Hindu- you should be thinking that they too must be having the same cult as other Hindus.

Yes, they have but they’re enriched with a little more deeper than that and this holds a story which speaks about how a Kshatriya from a royal family came up with some religious rules to end up the local conflicts and these rules are such that, they’re been followed very strictly and said to have protected these 29 tenets since then.

Guru Jambeshwar, born in 1451 was the person to introduce these tenets and he’s been said to be the Guru of all these people living here!

Now we shall know about what’s tenet and why was it introduced by their Guru.

But, before that you need to understand the climatic and ground conditions of Rajasthan and also about the people who live in this region- its important because you’ll have a clear idea about what takes to follow such a tenet!

  • Climatic Condition-

It’s hot and very difficult to sustain such a climatic condition. It’s a complete desert and you must be familiar with the desert conditions!

  • Vegetation-

They’re always frightened about the monsoons and if something goes wrong then it might cause them a severe damage and that means no food to eat!

This might be the worst vegetation you would see but then what are these tenets and why are they so threat causing to these people but threat causing only it’s according to us and not them.

It’s because these people follow some of the rules like-

  • Protecting animals

They are been preached about hundreds of years before that they need to protect animals or else all will be killed by some curse or something like that. They need to take care of the animals as though they were their own family members and they do take care so. It’s been so many years but they haven’t compromised on that a bit!

  • Protecting trees-

How many of you think that you can make some food without a wood when there’s no availability of gas?

I guess none of you can think so but they have a faith that a tree should never be cut unless its fallen by its own and the wood is dry- but they need to also take care of if any small creatures are present on it. These people believe a lot but their belief is what makes them live.

  • Purely Vegetarian-

It’s one of the main rule which is been followed in most of the Hindus that they’re vegetarian and eating animals is like a sin. People here depend on vegetation and mostly on the monsoons which comes in between of July and August. If they’re lucky enough then it might even extend up to October. They’re known to keep their grains safe and store it in such a way that it can be used for 2 years and even they’re trained to store the water well for which can be used up to 2 years.

This was a well thought plan as the Guru of this cult had even concerns about the climatic conditions in these regions. The most famous incident in this was the KhejarliMassacre where the Jodhpur King wanted to build a new palace and for which he needed trees- he enjoined his soldiers and asked them to cut the trees of Khejarli where these people lived and then which led to more than 303 Bishnois who gave their lives protecting trees. Seeing the massacre- the king called off his soldiers.

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