5 Amazing And Astonishing Erotic Facts About History Which Are Never Told About In History Books!

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Histories and Legends are been made by wars and love stories between kings and queens, the treaties signed by numerous countries and also on some of the popular personalities who have achieved some extra-ordinary things. But, we can see that out our history books never preach us with something unusual which some of them must have followed or some of the powerful people on the earth had done. So, we will know some

  • The Father of Microbiology

Did you know he was the first person to keep semen under a microscope?

But the more interesting part is here- in those days masturbating was meant to be a sin and people strictly condemned of doing so, but then what did Leeuwenhoek do to get a sample?

He had sex with his wife to get this sample and then after sex – he would collect the semen from different parts of his wife’s body and that was just t test the semen and put it in a microscope!

  • Legend of Cleopatra

It’s not just from recent days that the sex toys have grew to be popular but its since from 32,000 years that these are famous but then it was just that Cleopatra used papyrus box with full of live bees in the box as a vibrator. This is the first vibrator which was been introduced and almost a thousand years ago. Then later in 1860’s there came a vibrator which operated on steam engine and it wasn’t too far when they introduced a vibrator which worked on the battery.

  • The king of Patiala- Maharaja Bhupinder Singh

You must haven’t read about this person in your history books because he hasn’t done much great things during his reign but we do know me when we try looking apart from history books that he used to appear naked in front of his subjects at least once a year and would show his part for which the subjects would applaud and cheer acknowledging the dimension of the organ!

He was well known for his mistresses, wives and a lot more concubines and also a womanizer, philanderer and moreover known as headstrong.

  • President Clover Cleyland- Raped a store clerk and had a bastard son

President Clover who’s known for his dignity, the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms in office and also for his courage and an honest statesman. He had such a positive and bright side as a President but then he too had a dark side which maybe nobody never knew it.

It was on 15 December 1873, that he raped Maria Halpin, a store clerk at a department store and then after 6 weeks she realized that she was pregnant and that was on 14 September 1874- that she gave birth to a baby boy. President Clover took the child away from Maria and sent her to asylum. As he and his aides were feared of the truth bursting out they lied but when he won the Democratic nomination for president in 1884, the media leaked out this data in public and due to which his aides lied saying- Maria Halpin was a sexual plaything. Later, Cleveland took the responsibility of the boy as it’s said him to be the only bachelor among numerous halpin’s men!

  • Ancient Greece

Pederasty was considered to be an ideal form of relationship by the people of ancient Greece and due to which an erotic form of relationship between an older man and a younger man was accepted and considered.

But this doesn’t mean that the young man can’t marry- when the relationship gets over, he can marry but also can keep a relationship with the older man.

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