Are tampons and pads good for you during the menstruation cycle? Know why if ‘NO’!

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A woman has so many problems In her life and especially with her own body- she has a lot!

When it comes to, what a woman should endure in her lifetime- then there’s just a single answer to it, Menstruation Cycle!

A normal woman sees this menstruation cycle almost at an average of once a month and for a duration of 5 days where she continues to have it as long as 40 years. Isn’t it although and a long period of time?

But then to keep herself clean and away from any such infections, she opts for tampons or pads and which is generally said to be used by every woman!

So, basically, this Tampon and Pad industry turns out to be a huge market and stands an estimated cost of $ 718 Million. Isn’t it a huge market- look at figures, it really drives us crazy!

When we look at the market- we also look at the quality and ethical value behind the production of these necessities. Is it so efficient that it may protect us against any of such vulnerabilities which are expected to do so?

While this question arouses in me- I went through the quality and materials which were used to produce this. You must be surprised by looking at the estimated cost which these companies spend on manufacturing the pads and at the rate which they sell in markets!

I feel that they know it’s our requirement and these companies misuse the conditions we’re in- so, what we need to do?

The best choice, I feel- use of reusable cotton products or even reusable washable pads and even the menstruations cups can be made use of!

They’re good enough when considered economically and even for the purpose of health- it’s too good.

Do you know the quality and materials used in the tampons and pads?

Maybe, after hearing this you’ll never think of using such goods. These, I find them to be finely packed and well designed in order to attract the customers but when it comes to the vaginal health- it’s totally unclear that how safe is your vagina!

It’s made of plastic, bleached rayon and cotton. I don’t understand how it’s healthy for health as it’s so good for the vaginal health and moreover it’s not so efficient enough to say that its good when looked at the materials used.

Now, when we look at the reusable goods such as the cotton products- they’re well enough to be said that they’re good for the vaginal health. Until, past a few days back I didn’t know about these products which were so cost efficient and in addition- good to health!

Now, when we go into a detailed study of the production of pads by these companies i.e. use of nylon- we conclude saying that it consists of a natural fiber called cellulose.

But then, why is it said that too much exposure to nylon is dangerous to health?

The reason is that to produce a nylon fiber various chemical reactions have to be undergone and the ingredients involved in these chemical reactions are given below-

  • Caustic soda
  • Carbon disulphide
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Chlorine

These are some of the ingredients but when I look upon them- I really get scared of using such manufactured pads!

So, what’s the alternative?

My first choice comes upon a menstrual cup which is a flexible silicon cup that can be inserted into the vagina and then empty it every 12 hours after you’ve inserted!

I know that at the beginning it might look a little weird but then you’ll be used to it but it’s the best I feel you can help to keep the vagina healthy

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